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YouTube Stories Today

Google temporarily limits purchased movie playback on web to 480p w/ YouTube

Thanks to syncing and account linking, all of your Google Play Movie & TV purchases can be accessed on YouTube. This is a really neat aspect of the Google “ecosystem” but it looks like playback is being limited to just 480p on YouTube temporarily — even if you purchased HD versions of your favorite movies.

YouTube Stories October 14

YouTube on web adds new toggle to respect your browser theme

Thanks to a brand new toggle, YouTube for web is now able to respect your browser theme automatically rather than relying on you to flick between dark and light mode.

YouTube Stories Yesterday

YouTube mobile removing ability to tap seek bar to skip in videos

YouTube on mobile is removing the ability to skip forward or backward when viewing a video by tapping the seek bar in the video viewer.

YouTube Stories September 25

YouTube brings a new video interface to Android TV, Fire TV [Gallery]

YouTube has essentially the same app across TV platforms, and over the past week it’s been rolling out a revamped video interface to some platforms. Here’s a quick look at the new YouTube UI rolling out on Android TV, Fire TV, and probably other platforms.

YouTube Stories September 14

YouTube combating TikTok with ‘Shorts,’ focusing on easy creation & discovery in main app

As rumored — and following other social networks, YouTube today announced “Shorts” as a “new short-form video experience for creators and artists who want to shoot short, catchy videos using nothing but their mobile phones.”

YouTube Stories September 22

Age-restricted YouTube videos will no longer play when embedded on third-party sites

YouTube today announced a series of changes to how age-restricted videos work on its platform. The Google company will be leveraging machine learning in this review process, while YouTube videos meant for those over 18 will not play on third-party sites.

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