Google has changed the icons of its Google Play apps about once a year for the last several years, and there’s no telling what’s going to happen next year…

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Obviously this is a joke, but it seems pretty certain that we’ll see another redesign sometime soon. Especially compared to other apps — like Hangouts and Chrome — that use circles but actually fill them, the triangles-within-white-space of these icons doesn’t seem to make much sense.

What do you think of the new Google Play app icons? Which ones are your favorite? Do you think that we’re due for another redesign next year?

I thought the Lollipop redesign was the best, personally. I like the Material Design “paper” look, but I think moving them all to triangles was a little too far. Putting those triangles in circles makes even less sense. I think the Android 5.0 icons would make sense in today’s Android 7.0 icons.


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(via Caleb Willden)

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