Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: An Amazon Echo Dot and Google Home walk into a bar. That’s the basic idea behind a hilarious video that has Alexa and Google Assistant activating and conversing with one another in an endless loop.

Nintendo Switch

The short YouTube video can be replicated by setting a calendar event on both devices — an Android phone with Ok, Google detection could be used in lieu of a Home — that feature each other’s respective hotword and a command asking what’s on the agenda. The resulting infinite loop should go on until the time on the event is reached or an AI is manually paused.

This would be even better with a recent iPhone that features “Hey Siri” detection adding another participant to the loop.

Maybe this will be the digital equivalent of leaving your TV on when you leave your house. Or this could just be the precursor to a Westworld future of bots endlessly talking to one another.

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