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Google account quick-switch gesture arrives in Drive and Maps on Android

If you’ve got multiple accounts logged into Google Drive or Maps, you’ll be pleased to hear that the latest version 2.19.332 adds a new swipe up or down gesture to quick-switch between your logged-in accounts.

Google Stories Yesterday

Open up your smartphone web browser and the experience is probably pretty snappy if you have a new or reasonably new smartphone. Enter Google Go, a cut-down version of Google Search that is designed specifically for modest hardware and slow connections.

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Google Stories August 20

Google shut down ‘Mobile Network Insights’ service for carriers due to privacy concerns

According to a new report, for two years, Google apparently provided mobile carriers access to anonymized network data from Android phones in a program called “Mobile Network Insights.”

Google Stories August 19

PSA: Google sign-in is currently down, some other services affected

There are a ton of Google services that we rely on daily, and this afternoon some users are seeing problems arise. If you’re seeing outages on Google services, especially Google sign-in, you’re not alone.

According to a new report via CNBC, Nvidia CEO, Jensen Huang, claims that Google is the only customer of the chipmaker that is building its own silicon at scale.

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Google Stories August 1

Google is under investigation by Germany for possibly breaking GDPR requirements following reports of the company using humans to quality check recordings of private voice queries to the Assistant. While the investigation is underway, Google will reportedly cease listening to recordings from EU customers.

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