Android 8.0 O Stories August 18

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While Google has yet to officially confirm the name of the upcoming version of Android, Android O, it’s been widely speculated that it will be Oreo. After all, there aren’t many other desserts that start with an O, so it makes sense that Google would pick it. Today, in a since-deleted teaser posted on Google+, the company basically confirmed that this is true.

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Three weeks after the release of Developer Preview 4, Google today launched a teaser site for an Android O announcement this coming Monday. This countdown is coinciding with the solar eclipse that is happening on Monday, with a livestreamed event scheduled for New York City at 11:40AM PST / 2:40PM EST.

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

Android 8.0 O Stories August 17

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Asus ‘will update’ the Zenfone 3 and 4 Series to Android O, eventually

Asus releases a lot of phones every year, but not many of them actually see long-term support in terms of major OS upgrades. After unveiling 6 more phones earlier today, the company confirmed that it has plans to push Android O to not only the new ZenFone 4 Series, but also the entire ZenFone 3 Series.

Android 8.0 O Stories August 15

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While this year’s Pixel XL successor widely rumored to be manufactured by LG, the smaller Pixel is expected to be again made by HTC. Recent leaks points to the device looking near identical to the current phone, with the same thick bezels remaining. There is now more proof of the HTC made nature of the device, as well as its features, thanks to a new FCC filing.

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Android 8.0 O Stories August 12

GOOG: 914.39


Just like last year, Google released the first developer preview for its forthcoming major software update in the middle of spring — March, to be exact. Now, just about 5 months later, Android 8.0 (Oreo?) is finally nearing public release. According to some tweets from a pair of well-connected Android reporters, the specific day to mark on your calendar is August 21st.

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Android 8.0 O Stories August 11

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Android O introduces in-band ringtones on connected Bluetooth devices

Other than fragmentation, one of Android’s biggest problems has always revolved around poor Bluetooth performance. While we already know that Google is focusing on improving this with Android O, the company snuck an in-band ringing feature for connected Bluetooth devices in one of the latest Developer Previews…

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