ATAP Stories May 27

You probably missed it, but back in April, Google’s hardware division very quietly mentioned that it created a new product. In announcing an exhibit at a Milan design conference, the company briefly detailed a “specially-made wristband that measures biological responses.”

Especially following the emergence of a mysterious “wireless device” from Made by Google last week, we can’t help but explore the natural question: Could this Google health band become an actual product?

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ATAP Stories January 1

The Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) group is responsible for experimental initiatives inside Google. With Project Soli, the company set out to create a radar-based input method that provides the tactile feedback of interacting with your fingers. The FCC on Monday approved a waiver for Soli’s higher-than-normal frequencies, thus permitting certification and allowing Google to continue Soli as intended.

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ATAP Stories September 26, 2017

Yesterday, Google’s Advanced Technology and Project group and Levi’s finally announced retail availability for their Jacquard-powered Trucker Jacket. However, the woven fiber technology launching on Wednesday has a very significant limitation in how many times it can be washed.

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ATAP Stories November 10, 2016

Google cancelled Project Ara — the smartphone project that hoped to bring modular to the masses — a couple of months ago, but that has left a lot of longtime fans of the project (myself included, obviously) wondering about what the device could have been. Now, thanks to Nick Gray at Phandroid, we’re starting to learn a bit more about one of the many Ara concepts…

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ATAP Stories September 1, 2016

Despite a detailed plan put forward at I/O this May, Reuters is reporting that Google is shelving plans to directly make and release a Project Ara device. While the technology could be licensed and released with other partners, Ara no longer fits into Google’s broader hardware strategy.

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ATAP Stories May 27, 2016

Google gave us a rare update on Project Ara almost exactly a week ago, showing off the latest prototype of the device and giving us an update on when we should expect it to launch. The company said that a new Project Ara development kit is coming this fall, and that the consumer modular phone is scheduled to launch next year. While those promises may or may not prove to have weight, it’s still good to see the company making some steps forward.

And now Dave Hakkens, the creator of Phonebloks (the project that first inspired Project Ara and other modular phones), has come out with his two cents on the latest Ara update…

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