Chrome browser Stories March 22, 2016

Google is removing the rarely used app launcher in Chrome

Following the removal of the notification center last year, Chrome is now getting rid of the app launcher in Mac, Windows, and Linux. It will be a slow process, but the rarely used launcher for Chrome and web apps will be fully removed for all users in July.

Chrome browser Stories January 21, 2016

Chrome 48 released to stable channel, better performance coming in future updates

Chrome on Mac, Window, and Linux is being updated this week to version 48. The latest update contains the usual bug fixes and improvements for the desktop browser, but mobile devices will see the bulk of the improvements. Future updates to Chrome, we’ve learned, will bring a new compression algorithm that will help the browser load faster pages and use less power on all platforms.

Chrome browser Stories December 3, 2015

With Chrome 47 currently rolling out to desktops and Android, Google has announced the Chrome 48 Beta and the new features that will come with it. Most are more developer-focused and geared towards Chrome for Android.

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Chrome browser Stories November 10, 2015

Chrome to stop supporting Windows XP, Vista, and older Mac OS X versions in April 2016

Google has said today that Chrome will no longer be supported on several legacy operating systems.

While Microsoft stopped supporting XP in April of last year, Google announced that they would continue providing updates and security patches to Chrome till the end of 2015:

Millions of people are still working on XP computers every day. We want those people to have the option to use a browser that’s up-to-date and as safe as possible on an unsupported operating system.

In a post today on the Chrome blog, Google announced when they will finally stop supporting XP: April 2016. Additionally, Windows Vista will stop getting support as well. On the Mac side, Google is dropping support for Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, and 10.8 around the same time.

Google notes that the operating systems are no longer being actively supported by Microsoft and Apple, and they encourage users to move to a newer OS in order to receive the latest Chrome versions and features.

Chrome browser Stories September 22, 2015

Hovering over this link will crash your Chrome browser, and here’s why [Video]

A YouTube user by the name of Tom Scott has discovered a nasty bug in Google Chrome. It’s probably harmless, and Google is probably about to fix it, but it’s interesting nonetheless. Typing in http://a/%%30%30  in your browser window and pressing the Enter key will completely crash your browser, and even hovering over a link containing the text will at least crash your current tab.


Here’s why this happens:

Chrome browser Stories August 21, 2015

Remember when we reported that Google’s Chrome browser may soon get the ability to check a word’s spelling in multiple languages simultaneously? That functionality now works, and it’s live now in a pre-release build of the browser.

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