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Google reportedly hiring for Nexus support call center

Today, points us to proof that Google is preparing to open a call center for Nexus customers. Google is currently sourcing a third-party company to hire employees for the new call center, according to the report, with recruiters seeking “Android enthusiasts” to start in the next few weeks. The timeframe would of course line up nicely with all of the rumors of the LG Nexus and other OEMs preparing Nexus device launches, but Google is not publicly advertising the positions for now on its website.

Lack of support has been a big complaint among Nexus owners in the past. With the introduction of Nexus 7, and new devices on the horizon, we hope all this recruiting is really for a Nexus/Android-related call center. Google recently announced it would start phone support and email support for Apps customers.

Recruiters have been visiting Bay Area campuses looking for Android enthusiasts willing to come work for Google within the next few weeks. Applicants are not being told specifically what the position is for until after the applications are submitted, though the advertisement makes it fairly clear who they are applying to work for…We’re told that Google plans to have the call center fully staffed and trained by the end of the month.