Google Digital Wellbeing Stories January 24

Google wants us to use our phones less, or at least curb our smartphone usage. This has led to a number of standalone Digital Wellbeing apps that all have weird and wonderful notions of how we should be using our phones in a healthy manner.

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Google Digital Wellbeing Stories January 21

The Wind Down feature that comes as part of Google’s Digital Wellbeing tracking feature is now getting a 30-minute pause option.

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Google Digital Wellbeing Stories September 3, 2019

Google Calendar makes ‘Working Hours’ more prominent, enables by default

One place Google has been encouraging Digital Wellbeing and work-life balance is in Google Calendar. The “Working Hours” feature is now more prominent, proactive, and enabled by default.

Google Digital Wellbeing Stories June 6, 2019

Digital Wellbeing is Google’s take on the Time Well Spent movement that launched last fall on Android and other major services like YouTube. On the mobile OS, the App Timers feature will soon be easier to set from the Pixel Launcher, and now Android Q will do a better job warning about upcoming countdowns.

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Google Digital Wellbeing Stories May 31, 2019

Controversy about Digital Wellbeing and Pixel 3 performance aside, the Pixel Launcher on Android Q is testing a quick “Pause app” shortcut. Another feature currently in beta is the ability to schedule Wind Down on a day-to-day basis.

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Google Digital Wellbeing Stories May 28, 2019

Earlier this month, many Pixel 3 users claimed that Digital Wellbeing was to blame for performance issues, and that disabling it made a world of difference. Google has now officially responded to this fix after a “thorough analysis” and found “no performance issues associated with the Digital Wellbeing app.”

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