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Google Pixel 5a: Everything we know so far

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July 2020 - April 2021

Google Pixel 5a leak

Google’s working on yet another mid-range smartphone for 2021, and it’s likely going to be called Google Pixel 5a. The very first evidence of the Google Pixel 5a appeared in AOSP and later a leaked Android document in 2020, but at the time, its existence was all we could confirm. Now, leaks have kicked into full gear and we know more and more every day as we approach the Pixel 5a release date.

Features: What features and specs will Google Pixel 5a have?

Pixel 5a design and dimensions

The Pixel 5a’s design is a very simple look — and one you might be familiar with already. There’s an edge-to-edge display on the front, a likely plastic unibody, and a hole-punch camera on the top of the display. There’s the usual squircle camera housing seen on other Pixel devices, rounded off edges around the sides, and lock button that sticks with the Pixel’s signature contrasting colors.

Leaks suggest the dimensions of the Pixel 5a (156.2 x 73.2 x 8.8mm) are going to be pretty much identical to the Pixel 4a 5G, a trend you’ll notice throughout this roundup of Pixel 5a details. The phone comes in at 2.3mm taller, around .8mm narrower, and .6mm thicker.

Pixel 5a display

The Pixel 5a will have a 6.2-inch OLED FHD+ display, according to leaks. There’s a slightly thicker bottom bezel on this model than its lookalike Pixel 4a, renders suggest. It’s very likely the display’s finer specs and performance will be very much in line with its sibling Pixel 5 or 4a models.

Google Pixel 5a leak

Pixel 5a cameras

Pixel 5a will have the “same configuration as seen on the Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5,” OnLeaks writes. It’s unclear at this point what the exact details of these cameras are, but if the phone is otherwise comparable to the Pixel 4a, its addition of a dual-lens setup will be a notable improvement.

Other Pixel 5a specs

Leaks have shown that the Pixel 5a will indeed feature many things you’d expect from a mid-range phone. It’s going to have a 3.5mm headphone jack, a USB-C port, and a rear Pixel Imprint fingerprint sensor.

Other details about the Pixel 5a are as yet unclear. We don’t yet have solid information on the RAM or storage capacities that will be offered, but it’s likely the phone will have 6GB of RAM and start at 128GB of storage. We’ll update this post when we have more clarity on that front. We also don’t know about battery capacity or 5G connectivity yet, although the latter is definitely a likely inclusion.

Android 12 Preview hints about future Google phones

The Android 12 Preview released in March 2021, and with it came some interesting tidbits about Google’s forthcoming smartphone launches. Google Camera modder and Android community member cstark27 found that the Pixel 5a name will indeed be the name of the future phone and that GR0M2 would be its model number.

Further, while we exclusively told you about the Pixel 5a codename being “barbette” last year, our Dylan Roussel discovered in Android 12 that the name has been changed to “barbet.”

Price: How much will the Google Pixel 5a cost?

We don’t yet know pricing on the Pixel 5a.

Release date: When will Google Pixel 5a come out?

Google Pixel 3a and Pixel 4a both launched in the middle part of the year. The Google Pixel 3a launched at Google I/O 2019, but the Pixel 4a was delayed a bit because of the covid-19 pandemic in 2020. Because we don’t have a reliable annual cycle here, we can’t say for sure exactly when the Pixel 5a will land. It’s almost certain that it will launch at some point in 2021, however. May is definitely a possibility.

Google Pixel 5a Stories April 9

Despite rumors this morning to the contrary, Google has just issued an on-the-record statement that the “Pixel 5a 5G” does indeed exist and will not be canceled.

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[Update: Nope] Report: Google Pixel 5a canceled due to ongoing chip shortage

After having appeared in multiple leaks and renders, it seems the Google Pixel 5a has been canceled, according to a new report.

Update 10:40am: Google has given a statement confirming the Pixel 5a will not be cancelled, denying earlier reports.

Google Pixel 5a Stories March 18

As we steadily approach the midway point of the year, rumors have begun to swirl about the next Google Pixel phone, presumed to be the “Pixel 5a.” Here’s what we’ve learned about Google’s next phone from the Android 12 Preview builds.

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Google Pixel 5a Stories March 9

Over the weekend, Google rolled out an update to their Pixel series’ Camera app, and in it our team has discovered some interesting tidbits about the likely Pixel 6 and Pixel 5a, particularly about the front-facing cameras used on the two phones.

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Google Pixel 5a Stories February 22

Google’s next phone is unsurprisingly a “Pixel 5a,” and leaked renders today suggest that the mid-ranger will be nearly identical to the Pixel 4a 5G.

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Google Pixel 5a Stories August 5, 2020

As we try to make sense of Google’s 2020 Pixel lineup, an internal Android document reviewed by 9to5Google gives us our first glimpse of what to expect next year. According to the document, Google is developing Android builds for Pixel 5a, a foldable Pixel, and at least two other first-party devices.

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