Nearby Sharing Stories July 9

Last month, it was discovered that Google was hard at work on bringing Android’s answer to AirDrop, Nearby Sharing, to Chrome OS and Google Chrome for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Now the feature has begun to appear for some on Chrome OS Canary.

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Nearby Sharing Stories July 2

“Nearby Sharing” or “Nearby Share” is the latest attempt to give Android owners and users a proper rival to Apple’s AirDrop.

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Nearby Sharing Stories June 30

Following numerous leaks and several accidental mentions over the past year, Google is finally making “Nearby Sharing” official. While the feature still isn’t quite ready to launch, Google has confirmed Nearby Sharing is coming soon and, better yet, is already rolling out to some beta users on Android.

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Nearby Sharing Stories June 23

Today kicks off the first segment in Google’s 11 Weeks of Android series. Videos and blog posts this week are all about the upcoming operating system’s focus on “People & Identity.” Homescreen conversation shortcuts were previewed in one video, while we randomly see the rumored “Nearby” feature integrated with the Android 11 share sheet.

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Nearby Sharing Stories June 19

For some time now, we’ve been tracking Nearby Sharing as Android’s answer to AirDrop on iOS, allowing you to, as the name suggests, share things to devices that are nearby. Now we’re finding that Google’s ambitions for Nearby Sharing are far greater, with the feature getting close to arriving on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS.

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Nearby Sharing Stories March 18

Android’s AirDrop-like Nearby Sharing inadvertently acknowledged by 11 DP2

Last June, we exclusively revealed that Google was working on an Android Beam replacement and AirDrop competitor called “Fast Share.” It was renamed to “Nearby Sharing” earlier this year, but ultimately still unannounced. The Android 11 DP2 today surprisingly references the feature.

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