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May 2011 - December 2018

Once the leader in smartphones, Nokia had made the fatal mistake of going to Windows Phone and then having to be rebirthed by Finnish HMD. But surprisingly, they are making great Android phones now without awful skins, which makes us wonder how great they would have been in Stephen Elop had taken them to Android instead of his former company Microsoft.

Nokia Stories December 5

Nokia has been on a roll in 2018 with some truly fantastic Android smartphones and today, its latest is official. The Nokia 8.1 has just been officially unveiled, here’s what you need to know.

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Nokia Stories November 27

Nokia has been delivering a ton of great Android smartphones lately, and the Nokia 7.1 is one of our favorites. Today, the company has officially announced that the Nokia 7.1 Android Pie update is available, and it’s already rolling out to users.

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Nokia Stories November 21

Cheap Android smartphones come in all shapes and sizes, but their quality can vary wildly. Some OEMs put care into the product and experience their customers are buying, while others seemingly slap together some parts and put it out on the market, never to be thought of again. Lately, I’ve been testing out the Nokia 7.1 – here’s why I think it’s the best affordable Android phone you can buy today.

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Nokia Stories October 31

Android 9 Pie now rolling out to Nokia 6.1

Following up on its past promises, Nokia is starting to kick its Android 9 Pie rollout into the next gear. This week, Nokia 6.1 users are seeing a slice of Pie hit their devices.

Nokia Stories October 29

Where to buy the Nokia 7.1 in the US

There are a ton of budget Android phones out on the market today, but there are only a handful truly worth paying attention to. Nokia is one of the few brands really killing it in the budget space lately, and today, the company’s latest device launches in the US. Here’s where to buy Nokia 7.1 in the US.

Nokia Stories October 4

Nokia’s upper-midrange device the Nokia 7.1 was officially announced today at a London launch event. Somewhat expectedly, the device follows the design language of the previous Nokia 8 models, but with a typical 2018 notch, Android One, and an affordable price tag in tow. Here’s everything you need to know.

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