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January 6

YouTube Music subtly tweaks dark theme on web and Android apps

The general layout of YouTube Music has remained largely the same since its 2018 relaunch, but a small change online and on Android sees Google tweak the background theme.

January 19

[Update: Back again] YouTube TV is now ‘YT TV’ on Android homescreens

A minor update to YouTube TV for Android today sees Google change the app name to “YT TV.” Additionally, the Android/Google TV app icon has also been ever so slightly tweaked.

January 15

YouTube reminds Premium users that they have YouTube Music by adding to sidebar

YouTube Music is now Google’s only song streaming service after Play Music was deprecated last year, though transfers are still available. A small tweak sees YouTube Music being prominently advertised on the sidebar.

January 7

Google One subscribers in UK can now get 3 free months of YouTube Premium

One of the major benefits of being a Google One subscriber is the random and sometimes impressive freebies, the latest such “gift” for UK-based users is three months of free YouTube Premium.

January 12

YouTube videos that use hashtags now have their own dedicated sections

YouTube shouldn’t be home to hashtags, but they were added anyway for no real reason. But in a bid to tidy up the feature popularized by Twitter, should you tap a video hashtag, you can now head to a dedicated section related to it — yes, in a carbon copy of how Twitter hashtags work.

December 31, 2020

Download your Google Play Music library or transfer to YouTube Music before 2020 deadline

At the start of December, the Google Play Music website and mobile apps officially stopped working for all users worldwide. It marked the biggest milestone in the transition to YouTube Music, but there is one last step. Today (December 31) should be the last day to transfer your Play Music library to the replacement YouTube […]

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