Android 12 Beta 4


Damien Wilde

The best new features in the fourth preview!

We're on the cusp of the full Android 12 release but Beta 4 is still adding new features and functions ahead of a stable drop.

Adaptive Charging improvements

Adaptive Charging forces your Pixel to slow charge overnight to help try and preserve the overall device battery health...

...In Android 12 Beta 4, Google appears to have tweaked the smart charging method so that when charging overnight, the charging speed from 80% to 100% is now much slower.

Wi-Fi toggle returns to Internet section Yes, you can turn off device Wi-Fi from a toggle within the Internet pop-up pane. It’s still not as fast as a long press but it’s better than it was previously.

Recents menu quick image sharing

Tapping elevates and zooms in on the photo with top shortcuts for Lens, Copy, Share, and Save.

Compact notifications in landscape mode Android 12 Beta 4 has smaller, more compact notifications when your device is in said orientation.

Android 12 Easter egg!

The long-awaited Easter egg is now live in Android 12 Beta 4 and it might not be what you expected...

...just open the Settings app, opening “About phone,” then “Android version.” From this page, tap the “Android version” until the easter egg pops up.