Pet Portraits help you find museum art of your pet with AI

By Andrew Romero & Abner Li

November 10, 2021

Google came out with a feature in 2018 where users could upload selfies and get back photos of art that showcased their look-a-like. But who wants that when you can do the same thing with your pets!

Using the Google Arts and Culture app, you can head into the Pet Portraits section and upload photos of your favorite pups, birds, bunnies, and even horses.

After uploading, users will be able to see tons of artwork that feature their pet's doppelgangers.

Using machine learning, Google's algorithms compare pieces of artwork featured in museums and showcases around the world. Often, Google gets it pretty spot on. Other times...

... maybe not so much. But hey, that's the fun of playing around with Pet Portraits!

Each Pet Portrait comparison contains artwork details so you can track down and learn about the piece. If you want, you can even stick the painting on a virtual easel in AR.

Along the way, Google will give you badges for uploading and checking out art in the Arts and Culture app.

If you run out of pet photos to upload -shame on you - Google will let you try the selfie version through the same app. The Google Art and Cultures is available on Android and iOS.