The Galaxy Watch 5 has leaked!

By Ben Schoon

We were big fans of last year's Galaxy Watch 4 series, which is why it's easy to get excited about what's around the corner.  As great as last year's watches were, there's always room for improvement!

For the past few months, we've been hearing reports and rumors about what the Galaxy Watch 5 series will bring to the table, but last night the pair of smartwatches finally leaked!

The Galaxy Watch 5 looks virtually identical to the one that came before it, with a circular display, two buttons, and a traditional pin connector for its band. 

The one big new change comes down to the colors, with Samsung releasing the watch in a stunning new blue color variant called "Sapphire."

But beyond that, there's also the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, which appears to have a mostly similar design, but with a few tweaks. For one, it's certainly a thicker smartwatch, but that's probably due to the much bigger battery!

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro also has a recessed display, which means the metal casing rises above the display a bit. While it's a little odd, it should result in a much more durable smartwatch.

Unfortunately, this leak also confirms that Samsung is doing away with the "Classic" design with the Galaxy Watch 5 series, and with it the iconic rotating bezel... 

Will you buy the Galaxy Watch 5?

Samsung is expected to release the Galaxy Watch 5 series in August, with a modest price increase you can learn more about below. Just swipe up!