Google's new $99 Nest Cam isn't the no-brainer it should be

By Ben Schoon

November 18, 2021

Google's Nest brand is pretty much synonymous with easy home security cameras, but the market has changed a lot in the six years since the last Nest Cam Indoor was released.  So, does this new option stand up to the competition?

The original Nest Cam Indoor (2015)

The new Nest Cam (wired) is an indoor-only camera that costs $99, well below the previous model's price point. It brings an entirely new design compared to what came before, too, looking quite similar to the Nest Cam IQ series that came out in 2017. It has a posable lens and a base with a built-in wall mount.

The hardware also comes in four nice colors to fit your home, including a one that has a wood base!

Another big bonus of this updated model is that it has local storage. While this doesn't mean you can use a microSD card, it does mean that the camera can capture additional footage for up to an hour during an internet outage, which makes it a better overall security camera.

Plus, Google's HDR needs some work. In our testing, we found a bright window could absolutely ruin an image.

But the biggest negative has to be the software. While Google's ecosystem is still better than a lot of cheap cameras out there, the transition from the Nest app to the Google Home app has been nothing short of a nightmare.

Is it worth it?  We feel Google could have done a much better job with this refresh, but the Nest Cam (wired) is still a decent product overall. When it's on sale, as it is right now, it's certainly worth your attention. For Black Friday, the Nest Cam (wired) is $79.99 at many retailers.