How to watch the 2022 Winter Olympics on Android and Google TV

By Andrew Romero

The 2022 Winter Olympics are here! So where can you watch on Google TV and Android devices?

First off, Google TV has added a dedicated Hub for Olympic coverage, bringing the action to your homepage. You can find more details below. Other than that feature, here's where you can stream the 2022 Winter Olympics...


On Android and Google TV, Peacock may be the best option for those looking to stream the 2022 Winter Olympics. Starting at $4.99/month, Peacock will be debuting NBC coverage of the Olympics throughout all 18 days.

NBC Sports app

The NBC Sports app is a great companion to your existing cable or satellite TV subscription. You get easy access on Android for all of the Olympic Coverage. If you already have a satellite or cable subscription, the NBC Sports app comes at no extra charge.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is the go-to for a lot of sports fans. As long as your local coverage includes NBC and its channels, you'll be able to watch the Olympics with ease. With YouTube TV, you're also able to record and watch Olympic events at a later date. YouTube TV starts at $64.99/month.


Sling is another fantastic TV option to catch the Olympics. At $35/month, not only do you get NBC, but you can watch other well-known networks.


If you have Hulu already, you can watch the Olympics by upgrading to the Live TV plan. This plan includes extra content from Dinsey+ and ESPN+, though the rice is a little steep. Hulu Live TV is the most expensive, coming in at $69.99/month.

However you decide to watch, you're sure to enjoy each event. If you want to learn more about each plan's coverage, head to 9to5Google.com.