How to give your Nest Cam near-infinite power

By Ben Schoon

In today's world, outdoor security cameras can be a great way to keep your home safe. But all of those cables and battery power can be pretty annoying.  There has to be a better way!

Google's Nest Cam was released last year with a solid sensor and a built-in battery for using the camera anywhere, but recharging the battery means removing it from the wall, bringing it inside, and losing your security for a few hours.

You could mount the Nest Cam to a floodlight for continuous power, but even that can be a little restrictive.

That's where this accessory steps in. For an affordable price, the Wassterstein Solar Panel for Nest Cam keeps your camera charged using nothing but the power of the sun!

Setup is easy. Just mount the camera, then screw in the solar panel nearby where it will get plenty of sunlight. Then plug in the magnetic cable and you're done!

Once it's plugged in, the camera automatically starts getting charged on a sunny day, and thanks to the built-in battery, it will keep running through the night or a cloudy day!

We found that the solar panel can easily recharge the camera over the course of a few days, all while it continues to run and record. There's also a more powerful version that can charge faster!

If you have a Nest Cam, it might just be worth investing in! You can read our full review by swiping up!