Netflix is rolling out games for Android users across the globe

By Andrew Romero & Ben Schoon

November 2nd 2021

Coming out of its testing phase, Netflix is launching a new expansion into gaming. The company has been working on this rollout since early 2021.

Netflix is letting current subscribers access games that aren't usually free on the Google Play Store. Through the Netflix app, users can choose a game they want to play and be sent to the Play Store to grab it. Here are 5 games you play right now...

Stranger Things: 1984

"Join Hopper and the kids for bruising missions around Hawkins — and the Upside Down — in this stylized retro adventure filled with collectibles."

Stranger Things 3: The Game

"Fight your way through a pixelated Hawkins as 12 playable characters from  Stranger Things 3. Team up with a pal or dare to enter The Upside Down  solo."

Card Blast

"Create a winning hand — maybe even score a full  house — in this fast-paced poker experience that’s perfect for the  casual player."


"Your mission: Maneuver a platform to guide a ball into a  hole. No dragons, no monsters. Your only enemies are gravity and the  laws of physics."

Shooting Hoops

"A basketball with a dart gun attached? Sure, why the  heck not? Fire darts in the right direction to push the ball through  the hoop. Nothing but net."

Over time, it's safe to assume that more games will be added to the selection available. Later down the line, Netflix plans on bringing games to iOS as well.