The Pixel 6 Pro vs. the Galaxy S22 - Which is the better flagship for under $1000

By Andrew Romero & Damien Wilde

The $999 Galaxy S22+ is the middle child in the S22 series, meaning it isn't as high powered as the S22 Ultra. What it does mean is that it can compete with the $899 Pixel 6 Pro more directly.

So which is the better phone?


In a few different places, the Pixel 6 Pro seems to take the cake, at first. RAM allocation is higher, the display is better at a 120Hz AMOLED, and even a bigger battery. That being said, the S22+ has the better processor on paper. Though, most phones are never used on paper. So how do they compare in action?

In action, the S22+ has a far more usable display will smaller bezels and a flat face. Peak brightness is also brighter. While both devices have an in-display fingerprint sensor, the S22+ reads faster and more reliably with its ultrasonic sensor.


While the Pixel 6 Pro runs a simple Android 12L, the S22+ houses One UI 4.1 based on Android 12. That being the case, One UI 4.1 has tons of features you just won't find on the Pixel. Samsung likes to stuff extra features and options into One UI that sets it ahead of the curve.

To add, the S22+ is in line for updates up until Android 16, while the Pixel 6 Pro is only promised Android updates until Android 15. If you have a focus on longevity, the S22+ is the phone you'll want to settle on.


Again, on paper the Pixel 6 Pro is superior. In practice, the difference is much less pronounced. Overall, neither battery is fantastic or terrible. SImply put, the batteries are exactly what you need out of these devices.


The Pixel 6 Pro carries an older sensor than the S22+, though Google's background processing is far better than what Samsung has to offer. One redeeming aspect is that the S22+ gives you full access to camera controls with "Pro Mode."

In all, the $100 difference really makes it a tough decision when deciding between the Galaxy S22+ or the Pixel 6 Pro. With better long-term support, power, and feature toolbox, the S22+ certainly feels like the better option for most Android users out there. If you want a full comprehensive rundown, be sure to swipe up and read all of the nitty-gritty details between the two devices.