This week’s top stories: Pixel 6 price leak, Lens in Chrome, Google Messages dynamic colors

By Kyle Bradshaw

October 2, 2021


In this week's top stories: • Pixel 6 European prices leak • Google Lens coming to Chrome • Google Messages dynamic colors • Stadia Pro games for October • Wear OS Health Services app

A new leak this week from This is Tech Today has revealed that the Pixel 6 may cost €649 in Europe, only €20 more than the Pixel 5. Meanwhile, the higher-end Pixel 6 Pro is set to cost €899.

Unfortunately, because of unknown factors like mmWave and Google's marketing strategy, one can't simply translate these prices to dollars to know what the Pixel 6 will cost in the US.

Google Lens is making its way to iOS and Chrome for desktop in the near future. On desktop, this includes the ability to search for a particular image or region of the page with a simple right-click.

Meanwhile, for iOS, Lens will take the form of a "Search images" button that can search the contents of a webpage's on-screen images. This functionality was briefly demoed at Google Search On 2021.

Google Messages has gotten a Material You redesign over the last two weeks. The UI style changes came first, removing most shadow effects and changing some button shapes.

The next step for Material You in Google Messages, arriving this week, was to launch full "dynamic color" support on Android 12 devices, giving the app a hue that's unique to you.

With October now underway, Stadia Pro has more free games to claim. Control, Hello Engineer, Spirit: Lucky's Big Adventure, and Cake Bash all launched as expected, but there was a surprise changeup...

Originally, Unto The End was set to be the fifth Stadia Pro game for October. This was pushed to December, with Mafia III: Definitive Edition taking its place, in a surprise launch.

In Wear OS news, Google launched a new "Health Services" app for smartwatches. It acts as an intermediary between raw sensor data and meaningful statistics for fitness apps.

While Health Services seems targeted for Wear OS 3 watches, coming preinstalled on Galaxy Watch 4, the app can also be installed on older watches via the Google Play Store.