This week's top stories: Pixel 6 release date in ad, AOSP gets Android 12, 2nd-gen Pixel Stand leak

By Kyle Bradshaw

October 9, 2021


In this week's top stories: • Pixel 6 release date in leaked ad • Android 12 hits AOSP, not Pixel • 2nd-gen Pixel Stand leak • T-Mobile exclusive Google One tier • Pixel 6 Pro camera samples

A leaked ad booklet from a German retailer has confirmed reports that the Pixel 6 would start at €649. It also seems that in some regions pre-ordering a Pixel 6 will net you a set of Bose headphones.

More importantly, this is a pre-order deal. Based on the deal's expiration date, we can assume that the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro will launch on October 28, at least in Germany.

As many had expected, Android 12 was released this week. However, unlike years past, this release was exclusively for the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), not any real devices.

Normally, a new version of Android would debut on Pixel phones, with other phones joining later. Instead, Pixel owners will need to wait for Android 12 to come in the "next few weeks."

After much anticipation, this week we got our first look at the second-generation Pixel Stand. As expected, the wedge-shaped charger has a much thicker design to accommodate cooling fans.

In the same leak, we get a look at the official cases for the Pixel 6. Despite earlier reports, these cases are not fabric, but appear closer to the dual-layer design of the Pixel 5a's case.

T-Mobile customers have an exclusive Google One plan available to them, as of this week. For $5 per month, you can have 500GB of storage for your Google Drive, Gmail, and more.

The new offering falls between the $3 / 200GB plan and the $10 / 2TB plan. Importantly, the new tier also offers the full 10% Google Store credit, perfect for buying a Pixel phone.

In another bit of Pixel 6 news, a gallery of photos and videos taken with the Pixel 6 Pro has given us a rough look at the kinds of improvements to expect from the new camera sensors.

Unfortunately, the photos themselves don't give us much to work with, as they were taken on a cloudy day. The Pixel 6 Pro being used is also running pre-release software.