The top new features added in Android 12 Beta 5

By Damien Wilde

September 9, 2021


The long-awaited clock widgets are now available after being teased in the original Material You announcement back at I/O 2021.

There are four new designs to choose from: Analog, Digital, Stack, and World. They all come with rounded corners and adhere to your wallpaper color for a more cohesive look.

The Google Clock version 7.0 update also rolled out with Android 12 Beta 5 and includes a big Material You redesign and tweaks that change the entire experience...

Even the alarm UI has been updated to ensure that everything looks consistent across the rest of Android 12's wider Material You redesign.

Hinted at in previous releases, the device search revamp is now live in the Pixel Launcher and can be accessed by swiping up into your app drawer. This allows you to search for apps, contacts, quick actions and more.

It works pretty well, with the added preferences allowing you to tweak to remove sensitive information from search results too.

The calculator also received a big Material You redesign with Android 12 Beta 5 in a similar vein to that of the Clock app.

The redesign starts with all of the keys, with circular shapes that now mimic the PIN entry screen but with a slightly different animation. The “AC” and “=” keys are most prominently themed with a colors to differentiate between the two key functions.

Notifications have moved downwards ever-so-slightly with the clock now a little more centrally placed. The big change is the removal of the weather conditions and temperature widget. Now you'll just see the date.