Android 12L is rolling out this month with some great new features

By Andrew Romero & Abner Li

Android 12L is finally out and on it's way to a few devices including the Pixel 3a through 5a.

Due to another bout of an update not working as planned on the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, those devices will be seeing 12L later on in March.

More 'At a Glance' features

The first wave of At a Glance features arrived in January, and Google is now releasing the next set of integrations. Now, the home/lockscreen will note the battery level of paired Bluetooth devices, earthquake alerts, and a safety check countdown from the Personal Safety app.

Battery Widget

In Android 12L, users will be able to use the new battery widget, which displays the battery level of your phone as well as paired Bluetooth devices. If charging, the status will be noted as well.

Night Sight in Snapchat + custom Gboard stickers

The partnership between Pixel and Snap continues with Night Sight coming to Snapchat. On the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro it will appear in the social media app as a low light mode. Additionally, Gboard can now convert what you're typing into stickers. Custom suggestions will appear after entering an emoji.

Live Caption call typing

Lastly, Google is bolstering up the Live Captions feature by adding the ability to respond in-call to someone by typing out a response rather than talking. Google says this is for "people who cannot, or prefer not to, speak on calls to communicate."

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