Google is trying to fix these Android Auto issues

By Ben Schoon

Android Auto is a super useful way to safely control music, maps, and messages while on the road, but it isn't free of bugs and issues.

Currently, Google is investigating several problems with Android Auto that can really hurt the experience... Are you seeing any of them?

The latest wacky issue that Android Auto users are seeing is with the interface. Icons and the taskbar have become comically huge for some, leaving the interface almost entirely unusable!

Beyond that, Google has also been battling compatibility issues with Samsung's Galaxy S22 series for months.  Despite those devices coming out back in February, Google is still trying to fix connection and stability issues between the Galaxy S22 and Android Auto

The same problem has been plaguing some Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro owners, where Android Auto just won't connect, or randomly disconnects from the phone.

Hopefully, the upcoming Pixel 6a won't have the same problem 😬

And finally, Google is also looking to fix some general issues with Android Auto working with the Android 12 update, which seems to have caused connection problems for a lot of users on many different devices.

Are you having any problems with Android Auto?

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