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June 2014 - September 2019

Google’s Android Auto platform isn’t its own operating system. Rather, it is an extension of a connected Android smartphone which can display some apps, entertainment, and mirror messages on a car’s dashboard. The platform was announced in 2014 and received a major redesign in 2019.

Android Auto is designed to help keep driver’s attention on the road rather than their smartphone. The platform limits users to just a handful of apps, primarily those used for media such as Spotify, YouTube Music, and others. Mapping apps are also a core part of the platform with Google Maps and Waze both offering apps.

Users can take advantage of Android Auto in select vehicles that offer integration with the platform. There are over 500 different vehicles that offer Auto support from brands including Ford, Hyundai, Chevrolet, Nissan, Toyota, Subaru, and many others.

Not long after it originally debuted, Google also added an experience for smartphone screens, but that was removed in favor of a new Google Assistant driving mode.

Android Auto is also available on third-party head units for older vehicles that don’t natively offer support. Popular brands include Pioneer, Sony, Alpine, and others.

You can learn more about Google’s platform in our continued coverage below, and read our review of the updated design here.

Android Auto Stories September 16

Lexus will adopt Android Auto in its cars starting w/ some 2020 models

Android Auto has seen some huge expansion over the past few years, and earlier this year, Toyota finally announced that it would start using Google’s platform. Now, Toyota’s luxury division Lexus is also confirming support for Android Auto.

Android Auto Stories September 9

[Update: Removed] Android Auto is now available in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, and Sweden

As Android Auto continues to support more car models, it’s also expanding to more regions. This week, Android Auto has added support for four more countries in Northern Europe including Denmark and other Scandinavian countries.

Android Auto Stories September 5

Yesterday, it emerged that Android Auto would be gaining a “Phone Screens” app even after Google in May announced Assistant Driving Mode as a replacement. A new report paints that upcoming app as nothing more than a stopgap in light of the Assistant-backed feature not meeting its summer release.

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Android Auto Stories September 4

The extreme to which Google takes the ‘fail forward’ mentality has earned it a reputation of being the world’s best product killer, and one of the more recent of those was the Android Auto phone screen experience. In a rare move, it looks like Google is backtracking on that and offering consolation for those perturbed by the move to the new Assistant driving mode…

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Android Auto recently got a huge redesign, but the company had previously confirmed that the experience would be leaving smartphone screens as Assistant’s Driving Mode released. Now, it seems Google is backtracking that with a new “Android Auto for Phone Screens” app.

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Android Auto Stories September 3

Following a recent branding update to Android as a whole, Google is giving the rest of the family some updated logos. Android TV, Android Auto, and Android One have all recently picked up logo updates.

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