Android Auto Stories May 17

Ahead of I/O 2019, Google announced a redesign of the in-car Android Auto experience, and later that week revealed how the phone app was being replaced by Assistant’s new driving mode. The company is now facing an antitrust probe by Italy over the lack of third-party mapping applications on the car platform.

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Android Auto Stories May 9

Google announced the “next evolution of [its] mobile driving experience” at I/O 2019. It was distinctly not a new version of Android Auto for phones, but rather branded and built around Google Assistant. The Google Assistant driving mode provides a peek into how new experiences will increasingly be built on top of the company’s latest “operating system”.

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Android Auto Stories May 7

While Android Auto has seen some significant announcements at Google I/O this year, there’s one aspect of it that has been neglected for a while — its phone-based interface. Now, Google tells us it has decided to do away with the dated Android Auto app-based experience in favor of Assistant in the car… expand full story

Android Auto Stories May 6

Android Auto is a powerful feature, and it even influences the buying decisions of many users when it comes to a new vehicle. Today, Google has revealed that it’s giving Android Auto a complete redesign which is rolling out starting later this Summer.

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Android Auto Stories May 2

Google Assistant is perhaps the most powerful tool in Android, and the rise of smart speakers has only accelerated things. For those of you looking to get more out of Google Assistant, the car offers an abundance of opportunities to do so. An Android smartphone alone is enough to use Google Assistant in the car, but a few accessories can really ramp up the experience.

From a simple smartphone mount to a full replacement for the head unit, these accessories will supercharge your Google Assistant car experience.

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There were cries of hallelujah back when Waze first made its debut on Android Auto, but now users are reporting issues with the Google-owned product. Apparently, the past few updates for Waze on Android Auto have caused some problems with reporting, voice commands, and more.

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