Android Auto Stories October 18

You can now access your Plex library in Android Auto

Android Auto’s list of compatible services continues to increase and in its most recent update, Plex finally joined the list.

Android Auto Stories October 17

BBC adds Android Auto and CarPlay support to iPlayer Radio app

If you’re a fan of listening to BBC radio shows while driving, the latest update to the iPlayer Radio app adds Android Auto support …

Android Auto Stories August 1

Android Auto may soon offer directions to your calendar appointments

One of the biggest downsides of Android Auto is its lack of Google integrations. While it can suggest places to navigate to based on past searches, Android Auto feels walled off from other Google services. That may soon be changing just a little as code from the latest Android Auto update hints at an upcoming ability to gain access to your calendar appointments…

Android Auto Stories July 26

Ever since Waze revealed that it would be coming to Android Auto, fans have patiently been waiting for it. Over the past couple of months, the Google-owned service has been beta testing that functionality, and today, it’s finally available for everyone.

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Android Auto Stories July 21

SDS announces new Android 10.3-Inch Retrofit Touch Screen for BMWs

While not Android Auto, BMW drivers are getting a new third-party Android in-dash system by way of Safe Drive System’s new Advanced ANDRO 10.3-inch Retrofit Touch Screen officially announced today.

Android Auto Stories July 20

India’s Maruti Suzuki brings Android Auto to 5 older vehicles via software update

Arguably one of the most disliked aspects of modern cars is their built-in infotainment systems. For this reason, many manufacturers are choosing to include Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to make the experience better. This is why India’s Maruti Suzuki has released two 2017 cars with Android Auto built-in and is updating five older models to include the feature…

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