Android Auto Stories July 11

Google Maps on Android Auto now has a satellite view

Do you ever get tired of seeing the same old gray and dull Google Maps while driving around using Android Auto in your car? Well, you’re in luck as it appears as though satellite view has become available for the infotainment system.

Android Auto is now available on several new cars from Alfa Romeo, Nissan, Volvo, & soon Dacia

With studies like the one done by AAA showing that Android Auto is a less-distracting option for drivers, it should be no surprise that car manufacturers like Alfa Romeo, Nissan, Volvo, and soon Dacia are including Google’s software in more of their vehicles.

Android Auto Stories July 9

Developer hacks together wireless support for an Android Auto receiver [Video]

Back at CES, we got to check out some of the first wireless Android Auto infotainment systems. Unfortunately, we learned at the time that wireless support would most likely never make its way to older units. But fortunately, a developer has found a way to hack wireless support onto existing systems.

‘Minimize app’ button being tested in Android Auto allows for quick app switching

Even if your car doesn’t include an Android Auto-enabled infotainment system, the mobile app can still be used to provide a similar in-car experience. But until now, if you needed to switch away from the Android Auto app, it would be completely closed and wouldn’t run in the background.

Android Auto Stories June 27

AAA finds Android Auto to be less distracting than other built-in infotainment systems

One of Google’s primary goals for Android Auto has been to create a safe driving experience while interacting with the infotainment system. According to research done by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, the search giant is succeeding as Android Auto has been found to be less distracting than the built-in infotainment systems designed and implemented by automakers.

Android Auto Stories May 17

Google is working to bring wireless Android Auto to phones running Android 8.0

In the midst of I/O 2018, Kenwood, a maker of Android Auto infotainment head units, announced that Android 9.0 would be required to work with wireless Android Auto other than current Pixel (and select Nexus) devices. Now, in an addendum to its press release, the company is rolling back these comments.

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