Android Auto Stories October 11

Google Maps for Android Auto gets a refreshed layout with Material design changes

Google Maps has been getting a lot of big updates on its Android app in recent weeks, but the Android Auto counterpart has pretty much looked and functioned the same for quite some time. Now, it appears a new update is rolling out for Google Maps on Android Auto to more users which gives the UI a refresh.

Android Auto Stories September 24

Bloomberg: Toyota agrees to bring Android Auto support to future vehicles

Infotainment systems like Google’s Android Auto and Apple’s CarPlay have turned into a major consideration for new car buyers in recent years. Unfortunately for many, though, some car makers have been slow to adopt these options, especially Google’s option. Now, it appears Toyota is finally giving in…

Android Auto Stories September 13

Android Auto is now supported on over 500 cars and head units

Google’s in-car interface, Android Auto, has been a selling point for many users with newer cars or even head units, and there’s no shortage of options to pick from. Currently, over 500 cars and head units support Android Auto…

Android Auto Stories August 27

Apple Music for Android has been out for quite a while, but unlike many other music streaming services, it hasn’t been available in Android Auto. That’s changing as of the latest beta release of the app, which adds integration for the car OS among other things.

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Android Auto Stories August 10

One of the most useful things to do with your smartphone in the car is using it for navigation, and Android Auto makes that even simpler with the interface neatly arranged for your car’s dashboard display. Lately, though, Android Auto users have noticed a strange bug, but Google says it has been fixed in a recent update.

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Android Auto Stories August 1

Android Auto support appears to be coming soon for Google Podcasts

Android Auto is easily the most convenient way to interact with media in your car, whether that’s on a head unit or just on your phone’s own display. Oddly, Google’s recently-launched Podcasts app hasn’t properly supported Auto, but it seems that may be changing soon.

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