Android Auto Stories July 3

Android Auto is now available in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, and Sweden

As Android Auto continues to support more car models, it’s also expanding to more regions. This week, Android Auto has added support for four more countries in Northern Europe including Denmark and other Scandinavian countries.

Android Auto Stories June 25

Just before I/O 2019, Google unveiled a complete overhaul of Android in cars. Featuring a dark theme, persistent media controls, and new navigation bar, the Android Auto redesign is already live for some.

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Android Auto Stories May 30

Google Assistant is designed to make our lives easier, which is why it’s frustrating when it doesn’t work properly. Over the past several months, some users have been reporting an issue with Google Assistant where it mutes itself over Bluetooth, which is especially frustrating for Android Auto users.

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Android Auto Stories May 23

Android Auto 4.3 preps upcoming ‘Boardwalk’ redesign [APK Insight]

Back at Google I/O 2019, it was revealed that Android Auto would be getting a huge overhaul to its design. In the latest update for the Android Auto companion app, Google is setting the foundation for that “Boardwalk” redesign ahead of its release later this Summer.

Android Auto Stories May 17

Ahead of I/O 2019, Google announced a redesign of the in-car Android Auto experience, and later that week revealed how the phone app was being replaced by Assistant’s new driving mode. The company is now facing an antitrust probe by Italy over the lack of third-party mapping applications on the car platform.

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Android Auto Stories May 9

Google announced the “next evolution of [its] mobile driving experience” at I/O 2019. It was distinctly not a new version of Android Auto for phones, but rather branded and built around Google Assistant. The Google Assistant driving mode provides a peek into how new experiences will increasingly be built on top of the company’s latest “operating system”.

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