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TIDAL music is now available on Android Auto

Android Auto is a great way to control multimedia while in the car, but one downside is that not all services support it. This week, TIDAL is picking up compatibility with Google’s car platform.

Android Auto Stories March 16

For obvious reasons, Google locked down Android phones that were connected and running Android Auto. While there have been workarounds, your phone was essentially a brick when it’s connected to a car. Now, Google is allowing users to swipe to unlock the phone when it’s in Android Auto/Car Mode…

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Android Auto Stories March 15

Today, Google officially announced that it would be renaming Android Wear to Wear OS by Google, “a wearables operating system for everyone.” With this change, we see Google seemingly separating the product from the Android name and making it appear more universal.

Do you think Google will be renaming any other products to remove the Android namesake?

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

Android Auto Stories February 23

Lamborghini is bringing Android Auto to four models, including the 2018 Aventador S

In the past couple of years, car makers have really started to adopt Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, making it easier for customers to safely interact with their media, maps, and messages while behind the wheel. Now, luxury car maker Lamborghini is bringing Auto to its Aventador S, along with three other models.

Android Auto Stories February 19

Google adds Wi-Fi projection to Android Auto app for ‘Android Auto Wireless’ support

After announcing the functionality ages ago, Google finally showed off Android Auto Wireless at CES 2018 with some of its partners. Now, ahead of the functionality hitting the market, Google is preparing the Android Auto application.

Android Auto Stories January 22

If you’re like me and use Android Auto every time you get into your car, you probably know that there is always a good chance that Android Auto won’t launch on your head unit. Thankfully, Google will be pushing a fix for this in February’s security patch…

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