Samsung Galaxy S22+ Review: Perfecting the formula

By Andrew Romero & Ben Schoon

Samsung's Galaxy line has long acted like the go-to device for Android users. The formula makes sense: pair a consistent experience with top-tier hardware and boom, fantastic devices! The Galaxy S22+ is absolutely no different.


Visually similar to its predecessor, the S22+ has the same cornered camera bump and metal frame. The phone stands out but feels even better in the hand than what came before. The design is very sleek, with a flat glass back and ever-so-slightly curved sides that add to the comfort.


Perhaps the best aspect of the design is the flat display because after all, flat is better. Under the display, the panel is top-tier coming in at 1080p and impressed extensively. The 120Hz refresh rate was smooth on a consistent basis and the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor is probably the best in the game.


Similar to the Galaxy S22 Ultra, Samsung's One UI 4.1 is full of useful features and welcome upgrades. Though the S22+ has 4GB of RAM less than the S22 Ultra, the experience remained the same in how smooth everything ran.

Battery life

Even though the S22+ has a smaller battery than its predecessor, it was unnoticeable in daily use. The battery lasted all day and often didn't get below 20% before bed. That being said, heavy users might find themselves reaching for a charger in the late evening from time to time.


One of the biggest updates on the Galaxy S22+ is the camera sensor, coming in at 50MP for the primary camera. In fact, it's a newer version of what ships with the Google Pixel 6. The major caveat is how Samsung's software processes these photos, which still seems to lack in quite a few areas.

We really enjoyed our time with the Samsung Galaxy S22+, but of course, this was only a taste of our full review. The full review can be found on 9to5Google.com or by tapping the link below.