Google's 'Pixel Notepad' foldable may cost less than Galaxy Fold

By Andrew Romero & Abner Li

Recently, our team found assets that suggest Google's new foldable would take after the Oppo Find N, with it's short and wide form factor. According to a trusted source, there's more to tell than just the size of the new folding phone from Google...

We're told that Google plans on naming this new device the "Pixel Notepad" - contrary to what we expected. Of course, Google is no stranger to changing names multiple times before production. With a new form factor, it's hard to imagine Google will want to try a new name other than adding numbers or letters to denote a new product.

Another thing we've learned from our reliable source is the general cost of the device. While we don't have specifics, we're told the device will come in under the Galaxy Z Fold 3. Currently, the Fold 3 lies at around $1,799, which is by no means cheap.

This is fantastic news considering the "Pixel Notepad" will be a first-generation device for the company. When the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold came out, it cost just under $2,000. In comparison, the "Pixel Notepad" would be set to cost less.

From what we can tell, availability is said to be limited at first. Similar to how the Pixel 4a launched in 2020 for only US customers. It later expanded to other countries.

Google has no comment on the name beyond its usual "we don't comment on rumors and speculation." Of course, the speculative name is absolutely subject to change in the coming weeks and months, but as of right now "Pixel Notepad" is the name we're hearing.

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