Google is moving Movies and TV shows to a different spot

By Andrew Romero & Abner Li

It looks like Play Music wasn't the only form of content set to leave the Google Play Store. Soon, Movies and TV shows will join in an exodus from the storefront.

When YouTube Music replaced the Play equivalent entirely, Google stopped selling songs and albums that could be purchased individually.

While not so drastic, Google TV will be taking in what was originally Play Movies and TV.

Starting in May, Google says "Movies & TV will no longer be supported in the Google Play Store.

This doesn't mean that your purchased content is disappearing, rather, it'll still be available in the Google TV app. There will just no longer be a Movies and TV section in the Google Play Store.

You can grab the Google TV app on most Android devices as well as access it in its OS form, found on a lot of modern TVs that run Google's software.

You can learn more at 9to5Google as we cover more of the move as it happens.