Nothing Phone (1) - Unboxing and first impressions

By Andrew Romero & Damien Wilde

We haven't seen may brand-new OEMs burst out with new phones in the past few years, which makes the arrival of the Nothing Phone (1) so interesting.

Strictly from a design perspective, the Nothing Phone (1) is impressive with a starting price of £399 in the UK. With that price and the constraint that comes with it, Nothing has definitely done it's best in terms of the aesthetic the phone achieves.

There's an undoubted iPhone 12/13 influence here in the size and shape of the device. The back is transparent, giving users a good look at the clips, covers, cooling pipes, and charging coil that lies within.

One of the main aesthetic features of the Nothing Phone (1) is the eye-catching "Glyph" lighting that makes its way throughout the back of the device. It acts as a notification LED as well as a fill light for taking photos, which is a genuinely exceptional use for the added LEDs.

Nothing OS is lightweight and can be a little hard to distinguish from Android 12. It's not quite as polished but it isn't as janky as previously imagined. Remember, Nothing is a startup OEM and this is its first mobile phone. Overall, the OS doesn't lag behind and responds well for a mid-tier device.

In all honesty, it feels like using a Pixel but with a few nips and tucks. 

In the short time we've had the device, we can definitely relate this to the Pixel in that it has a smooth Android 12 feel and feels more premium than the price would have you believe. If you want to keep up with more Nothing Phone (1) coverage, be sure to follow 9to5Google on Twitter and keep up-to-date with our daily news.