The new 'Pixel Watch' and it's next-gen assistant could be powered by Exynos

By Andrew Romero

With some digging by our APK Insight team, 9to5Google has learned a few new things about the upcoming "Pixel Watch."

First, our APK Insight team discovered that the new Wear OS device made by Google will carry the Pixel name. While this may not be surprising, this is suggested by an updated Google app internally making mention of a "PIXEL_EXPERIENCE_WATCH", which generally is an internal title reserved for devices catering to the Pixel line.

This could also mean that the "Pixel Watch" may carry features before they become available to other Wear OS devices, much how the Pixel phone operates.

Another bit of information uncovered is the full use of Google's next-gen assistant in the new wearable. In various Google apps, the team has discovered several references to "Rohan" being tied with the addition of the next-generation Assistant. Since the next-generation Assistant is still a Pixel exclusive, this gives more weight to "Rohan" being a "Pixel" watch.

Additionally, the Wear OS 3 emulator has helped us determine the visual layout of the new watch, In the image, you can see the familiar four-color "light bar" at the bottom of the screen indicating a next-generation Assistant. In the image taken from the Wear OS 3 emulator, you can also see the presence of a second button, possibly dedicated to activating Google Assistant.

Lastly, in order for these next-gen features to work as they do on Pixel phones, the "Pixel Watch" will need a powerful processor. So what's Google's solution? Well, it looks like the company is going with an Exynos chip, popularly made by Samsung. This is speculated due to references of the Exynos chip showing up when digging for "Rohan" in the code.

While this is far from confirmed, it wouldn't be a surprise due to the nature of Google and Samsung's current relationship. The two huge companies came together to develop the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and it's OS based on Wear OS 3. It wouldn't be too far-fetched to also imagine Google taking the Exynos processor and integrating its own hardware into it, perfecting it for the "Pixel Watch." For more information and upcoming news, be sure to check out 9to5Google for the latest on the "Pixel Watch."