New leaks show us exactly what to expect from the S22 and S22 Ultra

By Andrew Romero

As the release date of the Galaxy S22 and S22 Ultra draws ever closer, it seems leaks are popping up in droves. Here's a breakdown of the most notable leaks we've seen so far...

Photo by: @hypark22

Starting with the most recent S22 and S22 Ultra leak, these leaked photos look official in every respect. The pictures show off what is expected to be every color offered with both the S22 and S22 Ultra.

It looks as though the release of the Galaxy S22 will bring Samsung's smallest flagship in years. Unfortunately, the photos leaked don't provide a direct side-by-side comparison between the S22 and S22 Ultra.

Speaking of which, the S22 Ultra takes on the body of the Note line in almost every aspect. In the photos we get a good look at every angle of the S22 Ultra and in four different color variants.

While the S22 Ultra comes in different color variants, it looks as though the S Pen is only available in black.

Previous leaks have also given us a good look at the S22 Ultra in black, showing off the build quality and overall body of the phone. Photo by: @hypark22

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