Chrome's Incognito mode is getting a redesign on Android Rather than explaining the things Chrome "won't save" and how data "might still be visible," Chrome for Android now says "What incognito does" and "What incognito doesn't do."

Related to a recent lawsuit? One plausible reason for Chrome's incognito redesign is as a response to a recently filed class-action lawsuit filed against Google, seeking $5 billion.

Pixel 5a reaches reviewers Our team reviewed the Google Pixel 5a with 5G this week and found it to be a fantastic demonstration of Google's software and camera prowess in more affordable hardware.

Multi-day battery beast What impressed us most about the $449 Pixel 5a, however, is its ability to go two or more days at a time without needing to be charged, thanks to its 4680mAh battery.

Android Auto wireless dongle seeks crowdfunding A new Kickstarter campaign launched this week for "Carsifi," a handy dongle that plugs into your Android Auto compatible car to offer a wireless connection to your phone.

Carsifi is similar to AAWireless Both AAWireless and Carsifi seek to make wireless Android Auto more accessible. However, Carsifi stands out by offering hardware features like a "magic button" to quickly switch between phones.

Pixel 6 reportedly being produced in China In recent years, Google had been moving its hardware production efforts to Vietnam. However, Nikkei reported this week that the Pixel 6 is instead being produced in China.

According to the report, production for both last year's Pixel 5 and this year's Pixel 6 have been shifted to Shenzen, China due to "limited engineering resources" and COVID-19 related travel restrictions.

Google Discover feed gets Material You colors On Android 12, the top of the Pixel Launcher's Discover feed now matches your phone's wallpaper. This dynamic color system is part of the broader "Material You" design language.

After (w/ Material You)