Hands-on with Pela's eco-friendly Pixel 6 cases

By Andrew Romero

For a long time amongst Pixel fans, it was agreed that Google's fabric cases were much loved. Unfortunately, those died off with the launch of the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. So what is there to fill this fabric void? There's a good chance it's the Pixel 6 cases made by Pela.

So how could Google's fabric cases be replaced by rubber cases? Well, these are made entirely from plant-based materials. 

That means when a Pela case reaches the end of its life, you can compost it and it'll disintegrate over time. It definitely won't do that while you're using it, though... probably.

It also means that these cases are extremely soft. The "Stormy Blue" case has a soft and grippy feel, whereas the "Green Summit" case has a textured feel, due to the mountain engraving on the back.

Compared to Google's recycled cases, these aren't bland and boring. They have some real texture and design to them.

As far as protection goes, we've had no issue at all when dropping the device, though that's a rare occurrence due to the grippy nature of the case.

While we'd love to see more design options and better button cutouts, these Pela cases are a great substitute for Google's retired fabric cases. You can check out the full hands-on at 9to5Google.com, as well as find links for Pela's cases.