Galaxy S22's cellular performance knocks Pixel out of the water

By Andrew Romero & Ben Schoon

New 5G tech is only making cellular connection better. Well, at least for most phones.  One of those is the Galaxy S22 and company, which seem to blowing the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro out of the water when it comes to connectivity.

In a deep-dive of the Galaxy S22's cellular connectivity last week, the devices were tested to extremes. Things like the phone's connection strength, speed, and performance were all put under the microscope.

Across the board, the Galaxy S22 Ultra and its Qualcomm X65 modem was an absolute beast when it came to network performance.

There were two comparisons in question: a Galaxy S22 Ultra versus a Galaxy S21 Ultra and a Galaxy S22+ versus a Galaxy S21 FE. While all four phones already had incredible network performance, you can probably guess the outcome.

As the signal weakened, the Galaxy S22 Ultra and S22+ consistently took the crown. While there were some inconsistencies with stronger signal, these were possibly due to pre-release quirks resolvable through software updates.

Much of what was found was virtually the opposite of what was found on the Pixel 6 Pro. With a Samsung modem and Tensor chip, the device fell well behind on paper. Even in practice, many users have found their connection strength isn't as good in comparison.

Our take...

Unfortunately, since nothing can be done with software patches, we're going to have to wait until the Pixel 7 and future Tensor-powered devices. Find out more by heading to 9to5Google.com.