Google Chrome is getting a redesign this year

By Ben Schoon

Google Chrome has had a handful of changes to its look over the nearly two decades it's been available, and another redesign is coming up later in 2023.

The very latest versions of Google Chrome on desktop contain a special setting which shows off the 2023 "refresh" coming to the browser on Windows, Mac, and other desktop platforms. What's new?

The first notable change is to the status bar, which now has a blue tint by default and more clear separation between the top bar and your active tabs and extensions.

Beyond that, you'll also find more rounded UI elements throughout the browser, which brings a more modern overall look and feel.

This is what those parts of Chrome used to look like

But Google Chrome isn't only changing up its look on desktop...

Recently, Google Chrome for Android adopted a new look for the address bar which brought some Material You elements, the design language Google introduced with Android 12.

Google also just launched support for locking incognito tabs on Chrome behind your fingerprint or biometrics.