Google thinks 3 years of updates is enough for the Pixel 3

By Andrew Romero & Ben Schoon

It isn't an unknown fact that most Android phones stop getting updates only a couple of years after launch. Even the most supported ones only get about 3-5 years out of the OEM.

Apparently, Google thinks that 3 years of support for the Pixel 3 is still a "great experience" for customers. Really? That doesn't sound right...

VICE author Aaron Gordon published an editorial today regarding the end-of-life for the Pixel 3, with Google's support window forcing him to "dump a perfectly good phone." Unfortunately, it seems like a lot of users are facing this exact issue.

Prompted by the author asking Google why security updates were ending for the Pixel 3 after just 3 years, the company responded with "three years of security and OS updates still provides the users with a great experience."

This is surprising, considering the company proudly touted the support for the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, claiming those devices will receive security updates for at least 5 years to come. The main difference between these devices would be the chips used. The Pixel 3 uses a Qualcomm chip while the Pixel 6 series uses Google's own Tensor chip.

This is the main reason that the amount of time before dropping support for the device is so limited. A lot of devices are dropped after only a few years because of this. But even Samsung has pushed before it by extending security updates to four years for some devices with these same chips.

One can't help but feel a bit hurt that Google seems so at ease with a mere three years, even on these older devices. How do you feel about this lax attitude towards security updates for devices people still use daily? You can find more information on this article at 9to5Google.com.