These are the likely 'Pixel Watch' watchfaces

By Andrew Romero & Kyle Bradshaw

There's been a lot of buzz around a certain 'Pixel Watch' being in development at the Alphabet company, and while no time frame is certain, the team at 9to5Google has been able to uncover the likely watchfaces we'll be seeing with the new wearable. Let's check them out!

Digging deeper into the Wear OS 3 emulator in Android Studio, a video was found containing a variety of watchfaces for what we believe will debut on Google's next smartwatch.

In total, there are 10 different watchfaces showcased, and each has a slightly different function. For instance, a couple of them strictly tell time...

... while others have health and fitness integration directly with Fitbit. This rings true with the reports that the "Pixel Watch" will take advantage of direct Fitbit integration rather than Google Fit.

There are a couple of neat scenes built-in with a nice landscape watch face depicting the sunset and sunrise. It's unclear whether or not the sun will animate throughout the day depending on the time.

Here are the rest of the watchfaces we found:

If you want to learn more about these watchfaces as well as 'Pixel Watch' updates as time goes on, be sure to check out our coverage at 9to5Google.