The Galaxy Watch 5 might get a bigger battery for Wear OS endurance

By Andrew Romero & Ben Schoon

The Galaxy Watch 4 is the best smartwatch you can buy for Android. It not only delivers the best experience but also has the best features available.

On the Galaxy Watch 4, the battery is less than ideal. However, the smaller version of the upcoming Galaxy Watch 5 may include a bigger battery.

According to reports, the new battery was spotted with the part number EB-BR900ABY and carries a capacity of 276mAh.

For comparison, the Galaxy Watch 4 comes with a 247mAh battery in the smaller model, while the larger model shipped with 361mAh.

That's about an 11% boost in battery life, which seems small but can add up to quite a bit of extra time. The increase in the smaller model means that Samsung is probably packing the larger Galaxy Watch 5 with a bigger battery as well.

This is fantastic news and a welcome improvement. When we reviewed the Galaxy Watch 4 in both variants, we found the smaller model to be lackluster in battery life. The watch only lasts about a day and dies at night.

Of course, we don't know much for sure about the new Galaxy Watch 5 variants. We expect Samsung to make an announcement sometime in August of 2022. Follow 9to5Google to learn more as info becomes available.