Google Hangouts is gone from the App Store on iPhone and iPad

By Andrew Romero & Abner Li

Google had been planning to drop Hangouts for a while now, ever since the company announced it would switch to Chat for Workspace customers.

If you try searching for Hangouts on the App Store, you won't find it anywhere. Even direct links to the app are dead.

Google said last month that it would start making Chat the default application for Workspace customers that hadn't already migrated.

As a part of this, "all classic Hangouts applications, except hangouts.google.com, will be disabled."

If you still have the messaging app installed on your device, you can still use Hangouts. Though, you will need to close the "Move to Google Chat in Gmail" page.

Google started moving Workspace users to Chat and Spaces last week.

We don't know the future timeline for personal and free accounts yet, but we'll be sure to have an update as it becomes available on 9to5Google.