Someone's been using a Pixel 7 and hadn't realized until now...

By Andrew Romero & Kyle Bradshaw

In what seems to be a surprising turn of events, it looks like someone has been using a Pixel 7 for three weeks and didn't even realize.

We've seen news recently that a Pixel 7 was available for sale on eBay while other devices were available on the Facebook Marketplace. Since the sightings, these listings have been taken down.

According to a post from someone named AMC20_ on Reddit, they've been using a Pixel 7 for the past few days with absolutely no hitch at all.

The Pixel 7 was described on Facebook Marketplace for sale as a "Pixel 6 Pro" which threw up absolutely zero red flags to the buyer. Only three weeks later did the buyer realize something was wrong when strange things started happening to the phone.

In a sudden twist of events, it looks like Google remotely wiped the device once it got wind of the missing pre-production unit.

The phone is no longer usable, seen as turning the device on only brings the user to Android's fastboot recovery menu.

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