Pixel Feature Drop: Here's what's coming to Google Pixel

By Andrew Romero & Damien Wilde

December 7, 2021

The last Pixel Feature Drop of 2021 consists of brand new features and extras that will only be available for Google's Pixel line. Some of these features already existed for the Pixel 6, but will now make their way to the rest of Google's flagship Pixel smartphones. You can find the full rundown at 9to5Google.com

This is what's new...

Power button customization

Before this feature drop, the customization available for holding the power button was limited. Now, users will be able to set hold activation length on their device. This feature will be available for the Pixel 3 and up.

Now Playing search

The Now Playing feature is getting a nice expansion for Pixel devices. Now, when Now Playing doesn't recognize a song, a little search icon will appear on the lock screen allowing you to search (with an internet connection) for the song that's playing. Previously, if the Pixel didn't recognize the song in its database, you were out of luck.

More Google Recorder languages

The Google Recorder app on the Pixel is an amazing tool, allowing users to record and transcribe audio into searchable text. Now this great tool is getting support for Japanese, French, and German on the Pixel 3 and up. 

Improved 'Internet' quick toggle

Quick Tap for Snapchat

Now, users will be able to turn their Internet connection on and on right from the Quick Settings menu when the device is locked.  In order to choose a different connection, users need to unlock the device first.

A feature teased a while back is finally coming to the Pixel 6, Pixel 4a 5G, and Pixel 5. That feature is Quick Tap for Snapchat, which allows users to tap on the back of their device and launch directly into a selfie through Snapchat.