Galaxy Watch 4 gets a new update bringing sleep coaching, new fitness training, and smart home features

By Andrew Romero & Ben Schoon

The much-loved Wear OS-based Galaxy Watch 4 is getting a major update this week, bringing a slew of fitness features to your wrist.

The first addition is new custom interval training. The Galaxy Watch 4 already has a good selection of workouts, but custom pre-set routines would be a game changer.

Users can set duration, distance, and the number of sets for a workout. Along with that, the Galaxy Watch 4's Body Composition feature is being updated to provide insights from "Centr," a program developed by Chris Hemsworth.

Another new feature making its way to Watch 4 is sleep coaching. After collecting data from a user's sleep cycle, the Galaxy Watch 4 will assign them a "Sleep animal." These cute little animals are meant to represent what your sleep patterns look like.

After enough info is gathered about your sleep, a 4-5 week coaching program is provided to help you improve your sleep quality using your Galaxy Watch 4.

Another cool feature coming to your Watch 4 as well as homes is the ability to have your lights turn off right when you fall asleep. Using the Watch 4's sleep tracking abilities, your device can be set up to trigger the lights when you doze off.

While the feature only works for Samsung's SmartThings compatible products, most smart bulbs work with the system in one way or another.

Part of a future update is the added ability to stream music from YouTube Music directly to the Galaxy Watch 4. Previously, you had to download songs directly to the device. This addition will make YouTube Music the prominent music streaming service on Wear OS.

Lastly, as an update on Google Assistant being added to the Galaxy Watch 4, Samsung says that the addition of the go-to Android assistant is still "months away." The silver lining is that in saying so, Samsung confirms that Google Assistant is still in the works on the Galaxy Watch 4.