One of Google's social accounts is now using Mastodon

By Andrew Romero & Abner Li

The drama behind Twitter has even the biggest companies considering a new home for their socials – Google included.

Google's @searchliaison@mastodon.social joined Mastodon's main server on November 4.

Since coming to the decentralized platform, the account has posted 3 separate times, with yesterday's being about a “new guide to Google Search ranking systems to make it easier for creators and others to learn about our more notable systems”.

While most of Google's social accounts are based on marketing and promotion, @searchliaison is focused on development.

If Google were to find Mastodon a suitable habitat for some of its socials, we could see @AndroidDev and @googledevs make their way over as well.

That could be shortly followed by Google's @Android, @GoogleChrome, and @Google accounts, though those have other social outlets besides Twitter.

Mastodon has a unique set of audience members and might not suit all those who are hoping to jump ship from Twitter. You can follow our coverage by swiping up on this page for more Twitter and Google news.