Google Translate gets two new stylish Material You widgets

By Andrew Romero & Abner Li

With widgets, there are two camps: either you absolutely love them and they're everywhere on your homescreen, or you hate them. For those that love them, get ready for Google Translate's newest set of Material You widgets.

Previously, the Google Translate widget only offered a 1x1 shortcut that let you quickly launch a specific language pairing.

Announced on Thursday, Google is adding a couple of newly designed widgets for translation. The first is a nifty 3x1 widget that allows you to open the app or enter a voice search. If you make the widget taller, you get Conversation mode.

If you expand that widget to 5x2, you get Transcribe mode and a shortcut that translates the last thing in your clipboard.

The other widget available is the Saved Translations shortcut. This one lets you "revisit saved and recent translations" You can switch around and navigate by using the arrow keys in the top-right corner.

This one can extend from 3x2 to your entire screen so you can recall plenty of different translations you've saved.

These new widgets will no doubt be helpful to a lot of people in varying circumstances. For more info, you can swipe up to visit 9to5Google.