Here are Google Maps and Search's new food and exploration features

By Andrew Romero & Abner Li

Google Search and Maps are the go-to destination for finding the best places or things to eat in the area. Now, Maps and Search are expanding to give you even better tools for just that.

Live View AR search

Starting soon, you'll be able to tap the camera icon in the Google Maps search bar to see an AR view of your surroundings.

A new "Find places near you" sheet will appear towards the bottom of the screen with new points of interesting appearing in your AR view.

Live View AR search

You'll see the name of the place, icon, rating, category, price range, and hours. You can search through other categories to find other nearby place as well.

Live View AR search

Google Lens nearby food search

Google Lens is also adding a feature that allows you take pictures of food and search for nearby locations that serve it. You'll just have to add a "near me" identifier when you search the image with Google's "multisearch."

Search for dishes near you

Perhaps the best feature from an ease-of-use standpoint is the ability to search for certain dishes near you right in Google Search. For instance, you'll be able to search for Beef Bulgogi and be pointed to the nearest Korean restaurant in town.

Most of these exciting features will see a wide rollout over the next few weeks. Check out our full coverage to see more of what's new in the next few weeks.