Samsung says it's working on a 'unique' chipset just for Galaxy phones

By Andrew Romero

Things have been shaken up a bit in the past year in the mobile chipset industry. With Google developing its own SoC for the Pixel 6 series, the norm is out the window.

That being said, Samsung Mobile President TM Roh said that it is developing its own SoC that will be "unique" to Galaxy phones. This was in response to an employee asking how Samsung's recent throttling controversy would be resolved.

If you're familiar with Exynos chips, you'll know Samsung Electronics LSI already makes SoCs that can be used by other Android devices, though MediaTek and Snapdragon are more commonly used.

The throttling controversy comes from recent Samsung smartphones being slowed down due to a built-in "Game Optimization Service" slowing down other apps during normal use. An update has rolled out since.

9to5Google's take:

Samsung undoubtedly makes some of the best smartphones on the market today, though a sour note on the company's releases is that Exynos-powered models in global regions are plagued with bugs and issues that aren't present on Snapdragon models.

While we think the GOS controversy may be overblown, we still see that this is making an impact on Samsung's fans in general. That being said, a new chipset feels like an odd solution. It's hard to see where a new chip would solve this issue.

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