Samsung and iFixit team up to make repairs a bit easier

By Andrew Romero & ben Schoon

Things have been changing a bit since the Right to Repair movement started gaining popularity among users.

We know that because Samsung is partnering with iFixit in order to make things easier for the user.

Starting in the Summer of 2022, Samsung will be working with the popular self-repair advocate and company to make genuine parts available to the consumer.

Those parts will come with official instructions as well as tools to get the job done right.

According to Samsung, the program will cover some common repairs such as filing broken displays, back glass, or even the charging port.

It looks like the first devices to start receiving official self-repair support will be the Galaxy S21 series, Galaxy S20 series, and the Galaxy Tab S7+.

Samsung hasn't confirmed support for the Galaxy S22 series, though we expect that to come soon in the future. For more information as it becomes available, check out 9to5Google for all the latest news and tidbits.