Free 'Original' quality photo backups are no more on the Pixel 3

By Andrew Romero & Abner Li

One thing that made the Pixel 3 and Google stand out from other devices was the promise of free and unlimited "original" quality photo backups.

No matter how many photos you took, you could back up the full quality image without it counting towards your storage limit. Unfortunately, that's coming to an end.

Coincidentally, the end period for this perk - 1/31/2022 - is right around the time that the Pixel 3 will stop getting monthly security updates.

There's been a lot of debate about Google's take on how long people use their phones. The company seems to think that 3 years is enough for most users.

In 2016, the original Pixel offered "unlimited storage forever," which was quickly abandoned with the next phone when the company added an end date to the promotion only one year later.

Since then, the company has cited the "growing demand for storage" and has since limited free storage for users to 15 GB of space.

While this is understandable and makes sense, it is a shame nonetheless. This feature could have been a huge differentiator for users, as well as a great selling point. You can read the full story at 9to5Google.com by tapping Learn more below.